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About Us

JustPartnering assists biotech companies and research institutions to partner their drug development programmes with multi-national pharma companies and investors. We are a team of two – Janette and Vedant, providing support to a small number of select clients in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. 

Our services are all aimed at getting our clients a deal. Whilst our core expertise is in pitching assets, managing due diligence processes and negotiating deals, we recognise that in small companies team members often wear many hats, and we can too. Not infrequently, we help our clients with their manufacturing and regulatory needs by securing expertise from our network – trusted professionals we have worked with before. Why? Because sometimes we need to help put the house in order before we can sell it.

Our Approach

All projects start with our immersion in your science – understanding your data, development plan, technology strengths and weaknesses. We also seek an in-depth understanding of the competitive landscape surrounding your project including products on the market and products in development. 

Next steps will typically involve the creation of a target list of companies we recommend approaching on your behalf and developing a non-confidential pitch deck that delivers the details that multi-national pharma companies want to see at first introduction.

Outreach to pharma may be initiated at a partnering conference such as BIO or BIO-EUROPE, or it may be by email or phone. We like to run a ‘soft process’ first – gathering feedback from pharma to gauge the level of interest and check we have positioned your story the right way.

We keep very detailed records of all interactions we make with pharma on your behalf – we usually set this up in OneNote which can sync with your computer in real time. 

Getting across the line


With partnering interest established and confidentiality agreements in place, a ‘formal process’ may follow. This can involve specified time-frames for accessing your development team and deadlines for term-sheets and due diligence. 

Our aim will be to get you multiple term sheets where possible. 

We can manage the due diligence process for you – establishing an electronic data room and managing pharma’s access. We can also guide your diligence review of potential partners, helping to evaluate which partner will be the best for your programme. 

We have significant experience in contracting and can work alongside your lawyers, or we can recommend specialised biotech deal lawyers we have worked with before. You can count on us to work around the clock to get your contract over the line.

JustPartnering Team

Janette Dixon

Managing Director

 Dr Janette Dixon has extensive commercial experience at executive management and director level in both start-up and corporate organizations in the fields of pharmaceuticals and clinical diagnostics. 

With more than 20 years of experience in chief executive roles and  as a management consultant, Janette specialises in leading the partnering of drug development programmes with multi-national pharmaceutical companies on behalf of her clients 

Vedant Bharat

Research Analyst / Intern

Following completion of an undergraduate degree in physiology, specialising in cardiology, neuroscience and immunology, Vedant Bharat is pursuing a Master’s degree in Bioscience Enterprise at the University of Auckland.  Now in his second year, 

Vedant has developed an understanding of finance and accounting, marketing, law and intellectual property as well as technology assessment and commercialisation strategy for early stage technologies. 

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