Vedant Bharat Bio


Following completion of an undergraduate degree in physiology, specialising in cardiology, neuroscience and immunology, Vedant Bharat is pursuing a Master’s degree in Bioscience Enterprise at the University of Auckland. 

Now in his second year, Vedant has developed an understanding of finance and accounting, marketing, law and intellectual property as well as technology assessment and commercialisation strategy for early stage technologies. 

Vedant’s thesis will focus on understanding how small biotech companies view their ‘partnering risk’ and exploring how this risk may be mitigated. Through his research, Vedant hopes to devise practical strategies that biotechs can employ to improve their partnering options thereby gaining access to resources to support later stages of product development. 

Career Highlights

Vedant completed a summer internship with Frost and Sullivan where he worked as a research analyst and is providing similar support to JustPartnering.  

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